Social Entrepreneurship in the US

Lecture and Workshop: Social Entrepreneurship in the US

Dr. Eric Staley, Truman School of Public Affairs, University of Missouri

Together with social entrepreneurs and experts from the non-profit sector, we will try to shed light on the significance and opportunities that lie in the social entrepreneurship sector. We ask: what is so special about social entrepreneurship and what are the major differences between entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs? The goal of our program is to support social entrepreneurs in Germany and allow for an exchange of best-practice approaches and ideas from United States and Germany. By bringing together professionals from the field and highly engaged students, we would like to support a growing environment of organizations that bring about positive societal change.

Dr. Staley will especially focus on:

- measuring and communicating/reporting social impact

- scaling social impact

- business models and social business model innovation

- innovative forms of fundraising/revenue generation for social ventures

- recruiting and developing talent/volunteer management in social ventures

Dr. Staley entered the field of nonprofit management and resource development in 1975 with the Business and Industry Extension Program of the University of Missouri System. He has led or counseled more than 100 organizations achieving their aspirations and missions.

A German-American Institutes program in cooperation with U.S. Embassy Berlin, FAU Nürnberg & Lemonaid

In Kooperation mit der FAU Nürnberg

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12. May 2017
16:00 – 18:00


FAU-Findelgasse 9, Raum 0.015