Film Series: 3:10 to Yuma


Film Series: New Westerns

This semester’s film series explores what is often regarded the most American of all film genres: The Western. Moving beyond the classical Western formula, we will focus on two of its most prominent variations: Revisionist Westerns and Neo-Westerns. The first three films in the series belong to the former category; they question the mythical version of the Old West and try to paint a more ‘realistic’ image. The other three films can be classified as Neo-Westerns which use (and also revise) the established formula but locate their story within a contemporary setting. Come out: watch, explore and discuss.

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3:10 to Yuma (2007, Regie: James Mangold), FSK 16, 122 Min., OV (Stephen Koetzing, M.A.)

Based on Elmore Leonard’s 1953 short story “Three-Ten to Yuma” and the eponymous 1957 film adaptation, 3:10 to Yuma opens with a stagecoach robbery carried out by the infamous outlaw Ben Wade (Russell Crowe) and his gang and witnessed by the indebted rancher and Civil War veteran Dan Evans (Christian Bale) and his two sons. When soon thereafter Wade is apprehended, paid hands are sought to escort the outlaw from Bisbee to Contention where he is to be put on the train to Yuma. Evans, seeing a chance to prove his worth and settle his debts, is among the few volunteers. The posse’s journey to Contention soon becomes a battle of the wills, as Wade’s gang tries to liberate their leader and Wade himself attempts to bribe Evans into letting him go.

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16. November 2017
19:00 – 21:00


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