Theater: Communication? - An Evening of One-Act Plays

Presented by The Pretenders

Join the Pretenders for an evening of mystery and intrigue. What could happen on a park bench? Have you ever wondered if waiting in line could be entertaining? Are we ready to have relationships with modern tech gadgets?  Could an evil step-mother possibly have a point?  The Pretenders are an English-language theater group founded 6 years ago and is based at the DAI. We invite you to come and join in the fun.

Tickets an der Abendkasse: € 9 / erm.+FV € 7

Vorbestellungen unter: 0911-230 690

Eine zweite Aufführung findet am Samstag, den 13. Mai um 19:30 Uhr statt.

engl. Sprache

12. May 2017
19:30 – 22:00


DAI - Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut
Gleißbühlstraße 9
90402 Nürnberg

+49 (0) 911 . 230 69 - 0