Too Big to Fail - in der Filmreihe: Wall Street and the American Economy

"I don't care too much for money, money can't buy me love" (The Beatles). Wall Street is a symbol and myth for big money, success and political power. At the same time it constitutes a trust and failure system in the lives of millions of Americans who trusted Wall Street managers and lost life savings. This semester's film series explores power structures and ideologies of class, race, and gender as fostered by the economic system as well as the topic of financial and social crisis as a whole.

Der zweite Film in der Reihe Wall Street and the American Economy:

Too Big to Fail (2011, Regie: Curtis Hanson), FSK 0, 98 Min., OV (Dr. Katharina Gerund)

In 2008, the US economy is on the verge of a complete breakdown. Navigating the financial world of Wall Street and the political power structures of Washington, D.C., US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson (William Hurt) tries to avert the impending financial meltdown. He negotiates deals with Lehman Brothers CEO Dick Fuld (James Woods) and other affected parties. Based on Andrew Ross Sorkin’s 2009 bestselling book, Too Big to Fail offers an intimate look behind the scenes of the possibly worst financial crisis since the Great Depression and at the people who decided the fate of the world’s economy in a matter of a few weeks.

Weitere Filme in der Reihe Wall Street and the American Economy:

Do, 11.05.: Money Monster (2016, Regie: Jodie Foster), FSK 12, 99 Min., OV (Dr. Katharina Gerund)

Mo, 29.5.: Blue Jasmine (2013, Regie: Woody Allen), FSK 6, 99 Min., OV (Carmen Dexl, M.A.)

Mo, 26.6.: Margin Call (2011, Regie: J. C. Chandor), FSK 12, 102 Min., OV (Stephen Koetzing, M.A.)

Mo, 10.7.: Equity (2016, Regie: Meera Menon), FSK keine Angabe, 100 Min., OV (Carmen Dexl,M.A.)

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