Margin Call - in der Filmreihe: Wall Street and the American Economy

"I don't care too much for money, money can't buy me love" (The Beatles). Wall Street is a symbol and myth for big money, success and political power. At the same time it constitutes a trust and failure system in the lives of millions of Americans who trusted Wall Street managers and lost life savings. This semester's film series explores power structures and ideologies of class, race, and gender as fostered by the economic system as well as the topic of financial and social crisis as a whole.

Der fünfte Film in der Reihe Wall Street and the American Economy:

Margin Call (2011, Regie: J. C. Chandor), FSK 12, 102 Min., OV (Stephen Koetzing, M.A.)

Head of risk management Eric Dale (Stanley Tucci) is one of the first victims of an unannounced mass-layoff at a Wall Street investment firm. Before being escorted from the building, he manages to give data from his unfinished analysis to his protégé Peter Sullivan (Zachary Quinto). Wasting no time, the young analyst soon discovers that the firm’s portfolio of mortgage-backed securities presents an imminent danger to its very existence. Sullivan’s warning swiftly rises up the corporate ladder causing a succession of overnight emergency meetings to which more and more high-ranking executives are being called. As the senior management discusses their next steps, it soon becomes evident that they will attempt everything to mitigate their losses – no matter the cost.

Weitere Filme in der Reihe Wall Street and the American Economy:

Mo, 10.7.: Equity (2016, Regie: Meera Menon), FSK keine Angabe, 100 Min., OV (Carmen Dexl,M.A.)

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