Film & Discussion: Hell or High Water


Film Series: New Westerns

This semester’s film series explores what is often regarded the most American of all film genres: The Western. Moving beyond the classical Western formula, we will focus on two of its most prominent variations: Revisionist Westerns and Neo-Westerns. The first three films in the series belong to the former category; they question the mythical version of the Old West and try to paint a more ‘realistic’ image. The other three films can be classified as Neo-Westerns which use (and also revise) the established formula but locate their story within a contemporary setting. Come out: watch, explore and discuss.

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Hell or High Water (2016, Regie: David Mackenzie) FSK 12, 103 Min., OV (Carmen Brosig, M.A.)

Two unlike brothers – Toby, a divorced father of two sons, whom he wants to facilitate the better life he never had, and Tanner Howard (Ben Foster), a short-tempered ex-prisoner – meet after years of detachment. Tanner is shocked when he learns about their mother’s disease and about the burden of a mortgage on lying on the family farm. To save the farm and relieve the family from the debts, he convinces his brother to rob the banks the family is indebted to. While two of the robberies are successful due to malfunctioning cameras, others fail terribly. For some time, they get away while earning sympathies from Texans who feel betrayed by their financial institutions. However, the ambitious Texas Ranger Marcus Hamilton (Jeff Bridges) smells the rat and hopes to end his career with one last big catch, just before retirement. Soon, a deadly game about right and wrong, about law and justice, begins…

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11. Januar 2018
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