Using Film in Class: Film Adaptations of Literary Texts

Fiona Pleasance, Lehrbeauftragte HS Ansbach und TH Nürnberg

The adaptation of written texts into movies is as old as cinema itself. In this workshop we will be looking at what happens when literature and theater are turned into film. What differences in approach do text and cinema require?  And what makes a successful adaptation?

Participants will receive an overview of some recommended film adaptations of well-known books and plays, including suggestions for different approaches and topics for discussion, with a special look at screen adaptations of the works of William Shakespeare.

Registration required. Anmeldung über FIBS ab Mitte Januar 2018 (FIBS: E613-0/18/2).
Engl. Sprache

01. März 2018
11:30 – 16:30


Hardenberg-Gymnasium Fürth, Kaiserstr. 92
Zimmer 209
90763 Fürth