Lecture: The U.S. Criminal Investigations of President Trump, Russians, & Others: A Status Report

John Q. Barrett, St. John’s University, School of Law

Before entering academia, John Q. Barrett worked in Washington, D.C., as a government attorney.  From 1988-94, he was Associate Counsel in the Office of Independent Counsel Lawrence E. Walsh, who investigated and prosecuted the criminal cases arising from the so-called “Iran-Contra Affair.”  Professor Barrett handled grand jury investigations, national security issues, and other matters, including in criminal cases against former National Security Council staff officer Lt. Col. Oliver L. North, former National Security Adviser Adm. John M. Poindexter, and former Secretary of Defense Caspar W. Weinberger.  Professor Barrett’s later academic work includes significant writing and commentary about criminal investigations of high-level U.S. government officials, such as Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s current investigations of President Trump and others.  He will draw on that expertise to deliver this “Status Report.”

Professor Barrett is a renowned teacher, writer, public commentator, and lecturer, in the U.S. and internationally.  He is a regular visitor to and speaker in Nuremberg because he is writing the biography of Robert H. Jackson, U.S. Supreme Court Justice and 1945-46 U.S. Chief Prosecutor of Nazi criminals before the International Military Tribunal at the Palace of Justice, Nuremberg.

Professor Barrett is a graduate of Georgetown University and Harvard Law School.  In addition to his work on Iran-Contra, he was a law clerk to U.S. Circuit Judge A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr. (1986-88) and Counselor to Inspector General Michael R. Bromwich in the U.S. Department of Justice (1994-95).  At St. John’s, Professor Barrett teaches constitutional law, criminal procedure, and legal history. He also is Elizabeth S. Lenna Fellow and a Board member at the Robert H. Jackson Center in Jamestown, New York.

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09. July 2018


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