U.S. TV Series Discussion: The Americans

U.S. TV Series: American Nostalgia

TV show of the evening: The Americans. Introduction: Dr. Katharina Gerund, Dr. Peter Maurits, Stephen Koetzing

Everyone is welcome to join us for a screening and discussion of this popular and critically acclaimed TV show. How does this show represent the ‘good old times’ of bygone eras? Why does it speak to us at the current moment? And, what are the politics of looking back to decades past? Come out, get to know the show, and explore these crucial questions with us! Watch all seasons by borrowing DVDs from the library at the German-American Institute Nuremberg.

Next TV shows and dates:

  • Erlangen, Thursdays (@vhs club): 06.06. Dr. K. Gerund / Dr. P. Maurits / S. Koetzing: The Americans (Crime | 2013 – | FSK 16)
05. June 2019


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