Making Democracy Work Again: What’s at Stake in the 2020 US Presidential Election?

Lecture & Discussion via YouTube livestream

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Intense polarization, campaigns driven by millions of dollars, Russian meddling, and repeated subversions of the popular vote through the Electoral College suggest that American democracy is “broken,” with little prospect of a quick fix. The 2018 mid-term elections nonetheless saw the beginnings of a tectonic shift, rooted in the increasingly diverse populations establishing themselves in key swing states -- putting a new twist on the theme of “red, white, and blue.”

This talk addresses the nature of that demographic change and its potential impact on campaign themes, grassroots mobilization, voter turn-out and the prospects for electoral reform in conjunction with the November 2020 elections in the United States. It will probably evoke more questions than answers in considering how to restore citizens’ faith in “government of, by and for the people.”

Joyce Marie Mushaben is Professor em. of Comparative Politics and former Director of the Institute for Women's & Gender Studies at the University of Missouri in St. Louis. Her research covers new social movements, youth protest, German unification and identities, gender, ethnicity and welfare issues, EU migration and integration studies. Having received a 1999 Trailblazer Award and the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research Creativity in 2007, Mushaben is a three-time Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, a former Ford Foundation Fellow, German Marshall Fund grantee and DAAD recipient. Her latest publication is Becoming Madam Chancellor: Angela Merkel and the Berlin Republic (2017 Cambridge University Press). She lives in Washington, D.C.

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Organizers: Amerikahaus – Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations, German-American Institute Nürnberg

Foto: Joyce Mushaben © Amerikahaus München

15. July 2020


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