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U.S. TV Series: Law & Order, Season Two

Everyone is welcome to join us for a screening and discussion of these popular and critically acclaimed TV shows! The selected shows engage with the topic “law and order” in a broader sense: They negotiate crime, social order, and the legal system in the U.S. They invite you to explore the FBI’s new techniques in the 1970s (Mindhunter) and to imagine an alternate history where masked vigilantes are treated as outlaws (Watchmen). And, they follow criminals and lawyers alike as they uphold, bend, or break the law in 21st-century America (Boston Legal/How to Get Away with Murder). Come out, get to know the shows, and discuss questions of crime and punishment in the U.S. with us.

TV show of the evening:

Nürnberg: 02.12.20 | Erlangen: 03.12.20 – Watchman (Sci-Fi Drama | 2019 | FSK 16), Marius Bryan Henderson, MA

Next TV shows and dates:

Nürnberg: 13.01.21 | Erlangen: 14.01.21 – How to Get Away with Murder (Legal Drama | 2014–present | FSK 12), Dr. Katharina Gerund

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02. December 2020


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