Library Tour

Our free themed library tours are the perfect addition to your class schedule, giving your students the opportunity to learn about academic research in a library environment. 

Customizable to a topic of your choice, as long as we cary books on the topic, our library tours and research introduction into our catalogue are held by our librarian Natalie. This allows your class to start researching on their own, learn to navigate an American library, and gives them access to in person teaching outside of your school.

A tour includes a presentation about the DAI and its library, an explanation of the Dewey Decimal System, and a tutorial of OPAC, eBooks USA, and the academic search engine eLibrary, after which students are encouraged to research on their own and familiarize themselves with these systems. Included in the tour is the ability to sign up for our library card, no matter where your school is located. 

Possible topics for your tour are: Classic Literature, Black Lives in America, The "American Dream", Right Wing Movements, and more.

The topics can always be adjusted to fit your curriculum or the subject matter of specific papers your students are writing, if you include your topic of choice in your request!

PDF info download here

Please contact Katya Davis at to book.