Call for Action: Donate for Social Change and Youth Empowerment

In less than four months about 15 members (age 16-21) of the Key Club Nürnberg are hopefully on their way to Atlanta.

A first step in building close relationships was made during the week June 17.- 23.2018 – see fotos on FB -  when discussions on the importance of democracy, education, the right to vote, safety in American schools amongst other issues where exchanged. Seeing students from Atlanta, Georgia and the Nuremberg metropolitan region building close personal ties made us very proud and we came to the conclusion that this is an investment in the future, not just for us but for all generations to come.
Help us bring these bright and active young students to the U.S.! Be part of their personal growth, education and keeping the ties between the countries and the sister cities alive. Any donations small or large are welcome. Find out more about their plans by e-mailing our Program Manager, Kathleen Röber.