One Evening – One Series: The Handmaid`s Tale

One Evening – One Series: U.S. TV Shows Worth your While

TV show of the evening: The Handmaid`s Tale. Introduction: Carmen Brosig.

If you already know the show, come out, share your thoughts, and debate the merits of the series in English. If you don’t, we are sure we’ll convince you to start watching! Ever since TV shows like The Sopranos or The Wire changed the game at the turn of the century, we’ve seen extremely creative high-quality shows emerge by the numbers. All of them are very popular and are acknowledged by fans and scholars alike. After introductory remarks we will watch a key episode together and discuss the main topics and culturally interesting facts. Watch all seasons by borrowing DVDs from the library at the German-American Institute Nuremberg. The screenings are preceded by introductions of FAU American Studies scholars.

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Next TV shows and dates:

  • Nürnberg, Wednesdays (@DAI Nbg): 16.1.19  Dr. Katharina Gerund: Scandal / 13.2.19  Dr. Florian Tatschner: Preacher
  • Erlangen, Thursdays (@vhs club): 13.12. Carmen Brosig: The Handmaid`s Tale / 17.1.19  Dr. Katharina Gerund: Scandal / 21.2.19  Dr. Florian Tatschner: Preacher
12. Dezember 2018


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