Lecture: Trump’s Settler-Colonist State Fantasy: A New Era of Illiberal US Hegemony?

Donald E. Pease (Dartmouth College)

Donald Pease will argue in his talk that the two key slogans of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign -- "America First" and “Make America Great Again” – are not declarations of American isolationism or the United States withdrawal from global dominance but the exact opposite. They indicate the Trump administration’s intention to exercise global hegemony but without appealing to liberal norms and institutions -- NATO, the United Nations, WTO, multi-lateral trade agreements, the export of US democracy – to legitimate US super-imperialism. He will also show how the resurgence of the settler-colonist tropes, attitudes, and animosities with which he animates his populist movement re-directs Trump’s hostility to international liberal institutions and norms and targets the rights of immigrants and minority groups within the domestic sphere as well as the liberal institutions – the free press, the courts, regulatory agencies --that safeguard these rights. The overall purpose of this two-tiered strategy is to de-couple US hegemony from the liberal norms and institutions that formerly legitimated US global dominance nationally and internationally.

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ZU GAST IM DAI: BAA Summer Academy 2019 “State Narratives in Comparative Perspective”

30. Mai 2019


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