U.S. TV Series Discussion: The Good Fight / The Good Wife

U.S. TV Series: Law & Order

Everyone is welcome to join us for a screening and discussion of these popular and critically acclaimed TV shows! In US politics, “law and order” has become a signature phrase to designate a ‘tough on crime’ approach. The selected TV shows engage with the topic in a broader sense: They negotiate crime, social order, and the legal system in the US. They invite you to travel from the Wild West (Deadwood), to outer space (Star Trek), and into the American courtroom (Damages). And they follow cops, criminals, and lawyers alike as they uphold, bend, or break the law in 21st-century America (The Wire, The Good Wife/The Good Fight). Come out, get to know the shows, and discuss questions of crime and punishment in the US with us.

TV show of the evening:

Nürnberg: 12.02.20 | Erlangen: 13.02.20 – The Good Fight/ The Good Wife (Drama | FSK 12) | K. Gerund / P. Maurits

In Kooperation mit der vhs International Erlangen

12. Februar 2020


DAI - Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut Gleißbühlstraße 9 90402 Nürnberg