Lecture: Brazil's relations with the US under Trump

Lecture Series: Topical Issues in International Politics and International Economics / "Has Donald Trump really disrupted global governance?”

The Chair for International Business and Society Relations (Latin America), Prof. Gian Luca Gardini, PhD & Chair for Global Governance , Prof. Dr. Christoph Moser invite all interested guests to join the following lectures:

10.07.19 | Brazil's relations with the US under Trump - A right-wing populist alliance in the Americas | Nelia Miguel Müller, Dr. Christina Stolte, FAU

17.07.19 | The United States and the crisis of Latin American regionalism | Prof. Detlef Nolte, GIGA Institut für Lateinamerika-Studien

10. Juli 2019
18:30 – 20:00


FAU Nürnberg, Findelgasse 9 Raum 0.016 90402 Nürnberg