Amerikanische Konzertreihe: From the 1920’s to Today: a Journey through the Heart of American Folk Music

American Recital Series No. 24 im Hirsvogelsaal

Mike Sappington & Guy Palumbo

Join us as we journey through the history of American Folk music, from the 1920’s to today. By leading the audience through the various genres which influenced modern music (such as traditional Irish music and Gospel), listeners are invited on an exploration of the heart and soul of American Folk music. In order to give the listener a deeper appreciation of the music, the songs performed exemplify the various elements which defined those genres, ultimately leading to the development of revolutionary styles of music. 

Michael Sappington is an American musician and songwriter who has performed internationally since 2002. Guy Palumbo is an American songwriter from Virigina now raising a family in Nürnberg.  Keep an eye out for shows from his concert series, 1001 Acoustic Nights.

In Kooperation mit den Nürnberger Nachrichten und dem Museum Tucherschloss.

Foto: V. Rendel & K. Blinde, Matthaeus Contopidis

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Treibberg 6, 90403 Nürnberg, Hirsvogelsaal des Museums Tucherschloss

26. September 2019


Hirsvogelsaal des Museums Tucherschloss Treibberg 6 90403 Nürnberg