Using Film in Class: Dystopian Films in the Classroom

Fiona Pleasance, Lehrbeauftragte HS Ansbach und TH Nürnberg

Just as utopian and dystopian fiction has explored society's hopes and fears for
many years, filmmakers have been using the science fiction genre to speculate on
the human condition since the beginning of cinema history. A recent development
in both literature and film has seen a shift in the target audience towards young
adults, bringing teenagers' anxieties about their world into sharper focus.
This seminar on using film in the English-language classroom will look at the history
and function of dystopian sci-fi, particularly in the light of contemporary
developments in politics, science and technology, plus related ethical issues.
Participants will receive suggestions for different approaches to the material and
topics for discussion, with a closer look at several dystopian films, including
Nineteen Eighty-Four (Michael Radford, 1984), Children of Men (Alfonso Cuarón,
2006), The Hunger Games (Gary Ross, 2012); The Circle (James Ponsoldt, 2017) and Ready Player One (Steven Spielberg, 2018).

Fiona Pleasance (B.A. Hons. History, University of Cambridge; M.A. Film Studies,
University of East Anglia) worked in film and video production in Munich and
Nuremberg for almost twenty years. Since 2009 she has taught at the Hochschule Ansbach and at the TH Nürnberg Georg-Simon-Ohm as a freelance lecturer. Her subjects include film history, film
analysis, and various aspects of film and video production.

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27. September 2019
09:00 – 14:00


DAI - Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut Gleißbühlstraße 9 90402 Nürnberg