"Scholarship Boy" – Virtual Meet the Author Program with Prof. Larry I. Palmer

Prof. Larry I. Palmer, Cornell University  |  In collaboration with the AmerikaHaus NRW.

In Scholarship Boy, Palmer reflects on his experiences as a young black boy growing up far away from home, learning to fit into a white world without becoming estranged from his closely-knit family. Palmer’s journey from being the “next-to-the-baby” of his family into adulthood reveals the personal and often hidden costs of cultural migration.

In an interview conducted by Prof. Dr. Andreas Falke, Director of the German-American Institute Nürnberg, and Matthias Koeplin, Regional Chapter Chair Northern Bavaria, American Chamber of Commerce Germany followed by a Q&A session, American systems of higher education and different perspectives on race will be discussed.

If you are interested in participating in our virtual meeting with Prof. Larry Palmer, please register with us by June 21st at the latest - programm@dai-nuernberg.de. If you have any questions for the author, please feel free to send them in with your registration.

18:00 | engl. Sprache

22. Juni 2021