• New Shows!

    Our U.S. TV-Series Discussion One Evening - One Series continues on December 12 (Wednesday) with The Handmaid's Tale. Free admission; at 7pm @ GAI Nbg. Next shows and dates here.

    Want to know how the show develops? Watch the complete first season by borrowing the DVDs from our library.

  • Xmas Get-Together

    The KONTAKT- Outreach Friendship Club is looking forward to getting to know you.
    Join them for snacks, drinks, and a highlight: the historic documentary An End of an Era (Edith Lindgren & Hank Luther). This film features rare footage of the American military community in Fürth and Nuremberg in the 1990s. Friday, December 14, at the GAI Nbg at 5pm.

  • Weihnachtspause / Christmas Break

    Das DAI Nürnberg macht Weihnachtspause und ist vom 22. Dezember bis zum 06. Januar geschlossen. Ab Montag, den 07. Januar, sind wir wieder zu den gewohnten Öffnungszeiten für Sie da. Wir wünschen allen besinnliche Festtage! Our Christmas break is coming up and the GAI Nuremberg will be closed from December 22 to January 6. We will be back on Monday, January 7, with our regular opening hours. We wish you happy holidays!

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