• JFK - Icon & Myth

    The spectatular photo exhibition John F. Kennedy - Icon & Myth gives an extraordinary insight into JFK's political as well personal life. Until 23rd of March at the DAI. Regular opening hours; plus special hours: Saturday, March 17, 2-5pm, and Sunday, March 18, 11am-2pm.

  • After Selma

    Save the date! The powerful photo exhibition After Selma opens on March 5, Monday, at the cph at 6.30pm. The artist Joshua Rashaad McFadden, Atlanta, explores the painful, but also powerful and hopeful stories of the civil rights protests, from the march of Selma to Mongomery to Black Lives Matter. See here for more info.

  • MLK & Bürgerrechtsbewegung in der amerikanischen Erinnerungskultur

    Join us for art, history, and talks about the civil rigths movement! On March 6, Tuesday, at the CPH. Dr. Katharina Gerund elaborates on MLK as well as the cultural representation of the civil rights movement at 6.30pm. Afterwords, the fotographer Joshua Rashaad McFadden gives a guided walk-through of his exhibition. More info.



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