Lecture: Winning the Information War - Fighting Fake News

Nina Jankowicz, Washington D.C. 

In this turbulent age of fundamental challenges for our democratic societies, the ground is being laid for widespread disinformation campaigns. By strategically targeting already existing grievances, these sow confusion, concern and mistrust towards public institutions and our political framework. The rise of disinformation demands we purposefully address the fragmentation and polarization of our societies making citizens vulnerable to propaganda. What stake does Russia have in this hybrid warfare aimed at weakening internal cohesions? And how can we equip our citizens in their quest for public truth seeking in the (dis)information age?

For her lecture, Nina Jankowicz will focus on examples from Central and Eastern Europe that demonstrate why we need to do more than just fact-check and obliterate fake accounts in order to win the information war. 

Nina  Jankowicz  is  a  Global  Fellow  at  the  Kennan Institute,  currently  working  on  a  book  about  the evolution of modern Russian influence campaigns in Eastern Europe. Her  writing  has  been  published  by The  New  York  Times, The Washington Post, Foreign  Policy, Project  Syndicate, The  Wilson  Quarterly,  and  others. She is a frequent commentator on disinformation as well as Russian and Eastern European affairs. Check out Stop Fake.

In cooperation with German-American Institutes

Foto: StopFake.org

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09. Oktober 2018


DAI - Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut Gleißbühlstraße 9 90402 Nürnberg