English Intensive Courses

  • Application Workshop

    Writing an application for an internship or a scholarship or for a new job position is both important and difficult to prepare for. Today the competition is enormous and in this workshop we will explore how to present or “sell” yourself by looking at different ways of targeting your strengths and motivations, helping you to become more confident in choosing your own direction. The first step is in writing a CV or Resume, highlighting what you are doing and have done as a basis for targeting where you would like to go! Practicing for interviews will also be covered. If you already have a CV, bring it with you.

    Teacher: Anne Johnson
    Dates: Friday/Saturday
    Fees: € 90 / €80 (for students and members of the Förderverein)
    Registration (pdf download) for a group of 6 necessary

  • Intensive TOEFL Preparation Course

    TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is required of all international students who want to study in the United States and whose native language is not English. This course concentrates not only on strategies and tips for taking the test, but on speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills needed to take the TOEFL examination. This course is designed for intermediate and advanced students only. We will go through and practice all parts of the exam so you know how to better respond to the tasks expected and feel more confident.

    Teacher: Anne Johnson
    Friday through Sunday
    Fees: € 120 (€ 115 for members of the Förderverein)
    Registration necessary, Dates

  • Business Skills Practice (Level B1-C1)

    In the course we will focus on making a “good” impression whether it’s face-to face or on the phone. Intensive practice of the language you need to make different kinds of phone calls and writing e-mails to make contact, exchange information, make arrangements, respond to requests or deal with problems. In this course we will cover and clarify the “rules” of telephoning, e-mail / letter writing in a work environment. Practical tips will include: responding spontaneously, learning useful phrases and vocabulary, formal vs informal use, finding the right tone and of course refreshing the grammar needed.

    Teacher: Anne Johnson
    Monday through Friday, 5:30 to 8:30 pm
    Fees: € 140 (€ 130 for members of the Förderverein)
    Registration necessary, Dates