• Attention: library closed last week of May

    Our walk-in library will be closed Monday 27th to Friday 31st of May. As an alternative their are always the great e-books you can loan for free with your library card. https://ebooksusa.overdrive.com/

    Unsere Bibliothek ist von Montag, dem 27.05. bis einschließlich Freitag, den 31.5.2019 geschlossen.

  • Kennedy und Trump: Zwei Präsidenten - Zwei Menschen

    Peter DeThier (Korrespondent, Washington D.C.) berichtet von den aktuellen Geschehnissen im Weißen Haus und setzt diese in Relation zur Präsidentschaft Kennedys.

    Dienstag, 4. Juni um 19 Uhr im DAI
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  • Sci-Fi Western TV-Show

    Our U.S. TV-Series Discussion American Nostalgia continues on June 5 (Wednesday) with The Americans, which is a spy-thriller television series set during the Cold War. It is the story of two Soviet KGB officers posing as an American married couple living in Falls Church, a Virginia suburb of Washington, D.C. Free admission. 7pm @ GAI Nbg
    Want to know how the show develops? Watch the complete seasons by borrowing the DVDs from our library.

  • Vorbereitungsseminar Auslandsjahr USA und Kanada 19/20

    Pre-Departure Orientation Workshop: Are you studying in the US or Canada starting this summer? This is the right workshop to prepare yourself! Sign up for our workshop on Friday June 14th.

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